Web Applications

Clinic Toolbox

To assist the high turnover of new medics we are assigned at the hospital I work at, I designed this tool (with guidance from medical staff) to help a new employee work through common patient complaints. The medic can read through the symptom list on the appropriate page, checking each positive response the patient gives them. Depending on what is selected, a message pops up telling the medic whether to give over-the-counter medications or consult with the doctor. Upon hitting the "submit" button, a History of Present Illness (HPI) is created that can be copied into the electronic health record.

Pain Tracker

This is a solution I created that allows Physical Therapists to track certain pain test scores over a period of time to get an assessment of how the therapy is working for the patient. The charts will show green if the patient is improving, red if they're not, or amber if there is little or no change. Patients and therapists can be managed as staff changes and reports can be run to show results by therapist(s) or clinic(s).

Video instructions in progress...