Clinton "Todd" Harris

About Me

I started my IT career working as Customer Support at a medical device company. I quickly learned the administration side as well, including Active Directory and other enterprise server roles. Before long, I took a job as Network Administrator where I performed both networking and system admin tasks. It was a small company at the time so I got to do everything from punching down analog phones to migrating data to an EMC SAN. I left Exactech for a job with the Army in Germany which gave me the opportunity to create specialized technical solutions for the clinics. This started as JavaScript enriched PDF files and grew to ColdFusion web applications that utilized encrypted SQL databases. I currently create custom reports for Command pulling data from our inpatient Electronic Health Record using Oracle and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Web Applications

To meet the technical demands of the evolving clinical process, I've created a number of web-based applications that can be used by the hospital to increase efficiency in patient care. Two of the applications that I designed in my spare time are hosted here to illustrate some of the things that can be done using only JavaScript (ClinicToolbox) or a full suite of server-side tools (PT PainTracker).

PDF Forms

Due to the restrictive nature inherent with application creation and certification in DoD medical facilities, creating JavaScript enriched PDF's proved to be an easy way to provide technical solutions in an expedient manner. Here are three PDF's that I created for the clinics I worked for that proved to be helpful in decreasing administrative efforts during patient care. The forms work best when run in a PDF application, not the browser.


Links to my Department of Defense résumé from, my MCSA and Security+ certifications. Copies of other certifications are available upon request.

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